Valentine’s Day is the one time you can show your loved one what they mean to you. Sure, there are other holidays like Christmas or even their birthday, but this is the one time that you’re allowed to be a little sappy and have a little fun while doing it. This year, challenge yourself to think outside the traditional box of chocolates and show your Valentine that you have a heart that’s truly unique.
If you’re struggling to find the best Valentine’s Day gift, struggle no more. Here are 10 unconventional gifts that will make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.

1. Yoga by Numbers

Yoga by Numbers
Is your Valentine a Yogi? Well, this V-Day you can give the gift of endless benefits for the body and the mind with the Yoga by Numbers yoga mat. He or she can namaste their way to serenity. The mat is numbered to assist in finding the best alignments and positions for correct body practices and postures. User-friendly, the mat comes with an app that gives access to free and premium classes so whether your Valentine is a novice practicing downward dog, or a master moving into a firefly pose, this Valentine’s Day gift is sure to help find their Zen.

2. Date Night Bucket List

Date night bucket list

Do you want to keep the relationship spontaneous? You can continue the romance after Valentine’s Day with the official Date Night Bucket List jar. Have your loved one fill the jar with amazing date night ideas and challenge yourself to fulfill their wildest dreams. It will show that you not only care about your Valentine’s day together but your future as well. Ignite the spark all year round.

3. Personalized Letterbox Bottle of Wine

Personalized letterbox wine

This Valentine’s Day, wind down with your own personalized bottle of wine. If you know, your Valentine loves wine just as much as they love you; this is the perfect gift. You have three classic flavors to choose from – Red, White, and Rosé. Each wine comes in a chic plastic bottle that looks like glass. The best part is both red and white wines are vegetarian-friendly. Add your own personalized message, and they’ll be yours forever.

4. Blue Apron

Blue Apron

Is your Valentine a foodie or an aspiring chef? They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so this Valentine’s day, skip the fancy dinner and let Blue Apron send one of their signature gourmet meals right to your door. A meal delivery service that provides customers with fresh herbs spices and premium meats, Blue Apron provides just the right proportions for a romantic dinner for two. They have vegetarian options as well So, cozy up, and order in. – Signature Serving for two

5. Fujifilm mini instant camera

Fujifilm instant camera

Does your Valentine love to post romantic pictures on social media for all to see? Then he or she will love this Fujifilm mini instant camera. Selfies aren’t just selfies, positioned just the right way, some would say it’s art. This camera will help bring out your loved one’s artistic side so they can capture beautiful landscapes, create colleges and make every special moment of their lives come to life. Pick the color and style they will love – Lime, Sky, White, Blue, and Pink.

6. Alice in Wonderland Kaleidoscope Necklace


Tumble down the rabbit hole into a world of wonder with this sterling silver Kevin and Deborah Healy Alice in Wonderland pendant and miniature Kaleidoscope. Inside the tiny kaleidoscope, there are whimsical snowflake patterns that reflect brilliant colors and small sea glass pieces. The exterior is embossed with Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland characters with the artist’s initials engraved and the year it was made.

7. Mod Cabin Mustache Kit

Nustache Kit

Real men have beards, and so does your Valentines. Help him maintain his beloved beard with this Mod Cabin Moustache kit, and It’s a compact size so he can use the kit at home or while he’s on the road. It comes complete with mustache wax for stylings and scented oil that soothes irritation, and grooming comb so he can keep himself looking dapper whenever he likes. If your man loves his beard, just as much as he loves you, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

8. Bluetooth Beanie w/headphones

Blutooth Beanie

On Valentine’s Day, you can usually go a little overboard, but sometimes that practical yet fun gift can make a huge difference. This Bluetooth beanie is something your Valentine can use to ward off the frigate February cold with that allows him to stay connected to his device directly from his hat. It is sure to be a gift your loved one will use over and over again.

9. Personalized Bookends


Is your Valentine a lover of books? Beautifully handmade solid Oak and personalized bookends will warm your way to any bookworms’ heart. You can add a message to engrave on your bookend and help your loved one keep their books organized in one spot.

10. Bond Touch Couples bracelet


Is your Love across the country? These long-distance relationship link bracelets will keep you both tightly coupled. Bond Touch bracelets are slick and light up whenever you touch the bracelet. And guess what? They can feel it so they will know right away you’re thinking about them. So, you always stay connected to your long distance significant other even from miles away.

Have other gift ideas in mind? Don’t keep them to yourself. Write reviews on the products you and your loved one cherished the most to show us that romance still lives on!