Thanks to powerful women around the world who run and provide us with first-hand information on how to better ourselves and live life to the fullest as a woman. We want to acknowledge empowering and uplifting blogs, platforms, and sites covering every area of being a complete woman – from mindful meditation, entrepreneurial enlightens, mommy wars and saccharine-sweet lifestyle tips!

First on our list is our go-to for a more green and holistic approach to living a healthy and more fulfilled life.

1. Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green is a blog started by husband and wife, Jason and Colleen, who were both living the life until Jason’s back problem started. With the help of Colleen, a fitness instructor and health freak, he was able to avoid surgery and is living a healthier life today. Mindbodygreen is not your average wellness site; it is designed to tackle everything that will hold you back spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, scientifically, and whatnot, and towards more fulfilling wellbeing.


PopSugar is an entertainment hub for women that delivers a lot of goods, from fitness and weight loss, tech, living, pop culture, beauty, family, lifestyle, and love. Pop Sugar encompasses all lifestyle categories that also include a lot of extras, like PopSugar fitness videos on YouTube, ShopStyle shopping, books, expert insights. and must-haves for the digitally savvy generation.

3. Hello Giggles

This very popular blog is one every woman should follow with honest and straight forward advice for woman everywhere in the world; Zooey Deschanel with producer Sophia Rivka Rossi and writer Molly McAleer are creating a positive and fun community for women of all ages from all over the world. From girly topics to forceful mindset tips and entertainment news, there is something to tap every woman’s interest.

4. A Cup of Jo

When Joanna Goddard started A Cup of Jo in 2007 is was to teach women around how to live a prim and proper lifestyle in your relationship whether as a mother, wife, and a single career woman – just a woman. The blog covers everything from fashion, food, beauty, design, and motherhood. If you’re looking for great parental advice, dinner-party tips, and product recommendations, Joanna’s your girl.

5. Midlifechic – the thinking woman’s style blog

Although a new blog, Midlifechic is a blog for ladies over 40 who are trying to bring the groove back to their lives. Nikki Garnett runs this blog; after years as an editor for Selfridges Magazine. A mother of three sons, a wife and a proud owner of two cats, Nikki “juggles an ever-churning washing machine with an ever-churning brain.”
If you’re a parenting emerging woman looking to forge a whole new lifestyle approach and blaze the trail, you might want to pop in and pay Nikki’s Midlifechic a visit.

6. Create & Cultivate

As the name suggests, Create & Cultivate is an online platform and offline conference for women who’re looking to create and cultivate the career of their dreams. Founded by the one- time winner of Forbes 30 under 30, Jaclyn Johnson; Create & cultivate is a strong support group for women all over the world to follow their career dream and achieve it no matter the obstacles. The site is full of unique advice and resources for women of all professions, day-to-day tips and advice, and empowerment conversations. This what being a modern woman in the working world feels like.

7. The Cut

Whatever your stylish mind is looking for, The Cut will most probably cover it. If you’re into politics, fashion, culture, and health, New York Media-The Cut will ignite and bring forward any topic your mind navigates towards as its all about energizing people around shared interests and cosmopolitan point of views to form a fast-moving community. Want to talk about money, celebrity conspiracies or design hunting tips? There are no limits to what The Cut can shell out.

8. The Every Girl

Giving a daily dose of career advice and guidance to millions of women around the world; founder Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss are two ladies telling women they can live their lives and have full control over their finances, careers, and homes. Other things to learn from The Every Girl are great fashion tips, fitness, wellness, and hot quick meals for days you are too lazy to make dinner.

9. Babble

Babble is a wonderful community for moms with funny, sweet and super witty parenting tips, recommendations, advice resources and other stuff brought by the best voices online. The content is endless and empowering no matter which topic you tackle from home, travel, to-do lists, recipes, baby showers, books, beauty styles, and videos.

10. The Blonde Abroad

Want to travel the world, but don’t know where to start; well start with The Blonde Abroad, and with over 200,000 readers worldwide, Kiki is showing women that they can travel and still own it. The best thing about this blog is the wonderful advice it gives to women traveling solo, guides, encouragement and empowerment opportunities to make every journey lasting memory. On TheBlondeAbroad you also get traveling budget advice, style, and how to travel safe as a student.

11. Speaking of Women’s Health

Speaking of Women’s Health is an online platform where women can discuss everything concerning their health without limitations was launched in 1996, and we must say that it has kept the consistency in helping millions of women over the world regarding matters relating to their health.

The platform is known for giving women healthy insights on how to overcome various conditions. Founder Dianne Dunkelman collaborates with women who are professionals in different health and wellness fields to give out first-hand advice and credible facts concerning your ailment.


Bottom line…

There are plenty of other platforms, blogs, and sites founded and managed by women that deliver insightful and inspiring content on every possible topic you could think of. If it’s beauty, fashion, finance, travel, parenting, health, mindset and sports you’re interested in.

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