Did you say ‘delivery on-demand’? Well, you must’ve heard of Postmates then.

What is Postmates?

Much like Uber, Lyft, or Waiter.com, Postmates is a viable service known to many Americans these days, especially as their logo is clearly inspired by E.T.’s Elliott (or so we believe).

postmates-logoPostmates is an easy to use service, as ReviewMaster reviewer Lindsey M. writes. It delivers practically anything from anywhere t wherever you’re located, from clothes, food, groceries, drinks, and whatnot. With their revolutionary logistics, Postmates connect between consumers and more than 10,000 local couriers, a.k.a Postmates, and empower smart local shopping with ease.

What do Postmates deliver?

Unlike its peers, Postmates guarantee the delivery of every single thing you need to be delivered, “whether it’s a burrito, new headphones, or a fresh shirt for tonight’s date”. although controlled substances, live animals, and gift cards are excluded for obvious reasons.

How much does using Postmates cost?

Since 2014, Postmates expanded to over 100 metropolitan areas around the U.S. dropping off groceries, merchandise, food, and drinks to customers within minutes, with a variable percentage-based fee between $1.99 and $7.99 per order, depending on the distance. Postmates suggest to always verify and review the service fee for your order on the checkout screen before requesting a Postmate.

If you’re a Postmates Unlimited member and your order is over $15, the delivery is free of charge. You won’t be charged for a service fee when you order from Postmates’ +300,00 partner merchants (look for the green check mark next to their name). The good news is that you can give Postmates Unlimited a 7-day tryout, after which the monthly membership pricing is $7.99.

Craving Starbucks coffee? Perhaps a warm bagel breakfast from Bagel Boss? Or your weekly grocery delivery from Whole Foods Market? Postmates is on the go 24/7/365 and most likely cover your region.

Postmates operate in more than 250 different locations. Here are only some of them:

Postmates locations

Pickup or 
Delivery, what will it be?

Postmates delivery

What is it your yearning for today? Check out all the restaurants and stores available near you. You can do so by:
1. Entering your current location.
2. Choosing your location from the list.
3. Clicking a category from suggested Top Cuisines in your area.

Top Cuisines

What will you have?

Is it Pizza night with the family or a Fast Food Netflix binge-watch? Up to you!

You crave it. They get it.

Denny’s it is!

Denny's menu

Start adding items to your list from the menu. But as we’re feeling just a little bit self-conscious, we’ll go for the Santa Fe Skillet. #Yumm


With Postmates, you can review and even track your order to see exactly where your courier is located. The courier will call or text you once they get near to where you are. The payment is already handled via the app, and you can always give your feedback through Postmates rating system.

Postmates - order tracking

You can, of course, tip the driver through the app once your order is complete with a suggested amount between 10-20%.

Treat a friend with a Postmates Gift card

If you have a friend visiting, family staying over or just in a giving mood, Postmates gift cards can be quite the treat. As with Postmates, your treaties can order anything from anywhere just by entering the gift card code. et voilà.

Postmates giftcards

Ever used Postmates? Don’t keep it to yourself!