The holiday season is soon upon us, and shoppers begin their purchases as early as October.

The National Retail Federation continues to predict the massive holiday season spending ballparks every year with this year expecting a sales increase between $717.45 billion to $720.89 billion in November and December alone.

Amazing, right?

As people scout for the best deals, discounts and chill-thrilling sales, and holiday shopping pile up, you can rest assured several factors influence their decision making – personal taste, budget, and your ethical opinion. While you’re busy adding products to your cart, there’s a great way to endorse the ones you prefer and hone the shopping habits of other consumers – This year, write a helpful review.

In past days, people had to rely on advertising and brand loyalty without the option of knowing what their peers thought about this product or that service. And with the rising awareness of online reviews, purchasing behavior has changed drastically and consumers nowadays, shop differently. With a simple click, they compare, get insights and choose between brand offerings based on the reviews they read. The result is that reviews have become a part of our daily lives – steering us away from less fitting purchases and encouraging the better ones. Happy days.

“The most credible form of advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust.” Nielsen

For example, I decided to neglect my cables for Netflix just from reading reviews, which saved me tons of money each month. Nothing like binge-watching Ozark, and second season, here I come! And I regularly return to reviews when buying almost anything online – A PC game from BigFish, a Yoga mattress from Walmart or a new pair of boots from Asos. The reviews I read and use are good, especially if some of them say the same thing – an indication they’re onto something.

But what if a site or a product has just one or two reviews? It’s tricky to make your mind up with only a few reviews at hand because let’s face it, most people write a review when they love or hate a site, service or product, and this can distort the review economy. Writing more reviews can balance the scales and nourish healthy decision making, especially before hectic times like the holidays.

So please, write more reviews.

To get you started, here’s a little step by step on writing a good review.

A review shouldn’t take much of your time, very little in fact, but it should be well-written and helpful to others. If you’re spiteful or otherwise super-thrilled, it’s important to craft your review unbiasedly, and not blurt a complaint or over-the-top praises. Instead, write a review that will be of service to other shoppers. Include accurate details and be specific, explain what caused this experience to happen, either good, bad or mediocre – Did that blouse match its color and price? Was the shipping fast? Did that Led TV have a brilliant display as promised? Embrace that “show, don’t tell” motto and you’ll allow your readers the experience of a golden review through action, thoughts, senses, and feelings.

Include relevant information. That goes without saying. What about this product exceeded your expectations? Or perhaps, failed to deliver? If your reason for liking or disliking a product or a website for no reason, that probably counts for an unhelpful review. Do you love your new Electric Bike because they fold in 3 seconds and easy to carry around? This justifies a good review because it’ll be helpful for the next person who wants to but these foldable electric bikes.

Online reviews are a great way for us to recommend valued products or steer people away from money-wasting ones. This way we help encourage a helpful consumer community on which we can rely on when purchasing goods. There’s no better gift than giving.