Do you consider yourself a reliable customer?

Surely that entirely depends on the business. If you love and trust a business, you will remain its customer, right? Businesses work hard to keep you on their team. They’d hate to lose your advocacy and trustworthiness, so they keep strategizing, planning, and improving their services, stock and support to keep you a happy camper. Today, we will delve into what exactly businesses and brands are doing to earn your trust, satisfaction, and five-star reviews, and most importantly, keep you coming back.


More often than not, customers seek support and easy communication from the businesses they buy from, so it’s crucial for companies to provide consistent availability. The best businesses can offer is 24/7 customer support, however, if this is not always feasible, mentioning specific customer care hours and embracing a rational response time is a must. As a customer, knowing when a business is available to assist you, whether by phone, email, online chat, or WhatsApp, will help match your expectations and satisfaction.

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase

when brands offer personalized experiences

A professional team.

More and more businesses and brands are focusing on their digital operations including setting up an effective communication strategy, virtually as well as face to face. Businesses are obliged to guide all their employees into providing you the best service and attention – extensive knowledge of the products and services they are selling, answer questions confidently, solving requests in timely manners, and a little bit of that personal touch. Most customers prefer a personalized service rather than one that’s lightning fast.

A pre-sale follow up with you.

A good business should follow up with you even after you have finished purchasing. Naturally, if a business wants to keep you coming back it needs to stay visible to you after the purchase as before to:

  • Thank you for your purchase
  • Make sure you are satisfied with your purchase
  • Interest you with similar products or services
  • Reward you with discounts/coupons to redeem on your next purchase
  • Ask for your feedback
  • Ask for referrals
  • Update you on company news
  • Etc.

When a business employs a sound follow-up strategy and keeps an open line of communication, it does a better job at building a happier customer base. It reminds its customers it exists and always coming back with better offers.

Personalized marketing messages.

It’s always heartwarming to receive a special birthday discount from the brands you buy from. It means they know you and value you as their customer. The same goes for emails offering you products you’ll love based on your previous purchases. When a business adopts a personal approach and greets its customers with special emails and personalized and engaging offers, it sends out a friendly message that ‘you are always in good hands’ and that they care about you. Now, most businesses and brands know how to initiate this method without seeming creepy or breaching the privacy of their customers. Their personalization normally translates into delivering timely and relevant messaging that can resonate with you as a part of a customer segment or group, not you you.

An active social appearance.

In this day and age, brands and businesses need to have a social presence because that is where their customers are. Social media platforms are a great communication tool for businesses and customers whether it is to offer customer support, promote the latest and hottest products, handle requests, offer discounts and coupons and update on special sale-days (Christmas, Valentine’s, Black Friday, etc.) and host giveaways. A social presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a must because it gives customers a sense of efficiency and innovation which can ultimately lead to your positive word of mouth.

Being charitable never hurts.

Brands and businesses that invite you to be part of a positive cause make you feel good… about being their customer. Whether a business supports environmental or social issues, calls out for donations, or promotes recycling, it sends out a caring message, often hard to ignore, and encourages you to become a part of a giving society. This is a business that redirects its attention and presence to give back to the community. Wouldn’t you help a business like that thrive?

To conclude, cultivating a loving and loyal customer base isn’t a walk in the park for businesses, however big or small, it requires strategizing, replanning, and making sure you are always satisfied and returning. Your feedback can help businesses improve or maintain their communication with you and you’d be amazed at how crucial your reviews are for the businesses and brands you buy from. So important, that they can make or break a business. Your reviews teach them how they are perceived in your eyes, how they can improve and become better service providers and differentiate themselves from other brands.