Black Friday is just around the corner with brands and retailers already announcing their best deals for better shopping experiences. Every year Black Friday turns into a shopping frenzy with many shoppers enduring long lines and cold temperatures to snag the best deals. And if you think online shopping is any different, you might need to improve your screen swiping skills in order to beat your way through the “crowd”.

Before you camp out near the big box stores and ready to confront that doorbuster, these essential Black Friday websites and apps might help you keep track and navigate through your shopping spree and get more bang for your buck.

1. PriceGrab

PriceGrab is a great app (iOS + Android) that enables you to save your favorite items from any store or online shopping website on the planet. You can create your own product lists and share them with friends, and constantly keep track of products you love while getting alerts when they are on sale.

2. Amazon

eCommerce giant Amazon is basically all your shopping in one place. The Amazon App (iOS, Android) helps you discover great deals and product availability from massive online retailers, so it never hurts to have it on your side when scouting for Black Friday bargains. Check Gold Box Deals for the best Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals on a great selection of items, create your own wishlist and get extra savings and item availabilities with Prime membership.

3. DealNews

The DealNews app (iOS, Android) enables you to find all the best deals, discounts and Black Friday coupons in one place. The app, designed by shopping experts, is well equipped to sort through thousands of deals and steer you away from overspending. You can pursue Today’s Best Deals, special “Editor’s Choice” items, filter discounted products by categories and scroll through the blog for the latest updates and shopping tips.


4. The Coupons App

The Coupons App (iOS, Android) covers a massive range of stores, drugstores, clothing, and grocery stores, where you’ll be able to find great deals and special discounts from a myriad of retailers such as H&M, Target, Kohls, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Gamestop and JCPenney. Ads and coupons are updated daily and you can even redeem cash savings right from your smartphone. Get instant alerts on new offers from your favorite stores and save money while you’re at it.

5. Flipp

Flipp is a great app (iOS, Android) that helps you save money on products you favor all year round. Every week, digital circulars from over 1000 retailers are delivered so you are able to target the best deals that meet your needs. You can also search items by name, brand or category, add items on your personal list and track when they’re on sale on local retail stores. Get alerts when new offers pop up and stay updated when deals are about to expire so you don’t miss out.


6. BuyVia

BuyVia makes shopping a lot smarter. The app is designed to filter the Top 10 Online Deals every day once its shopping experts and researchers explore and collect luring deals from massive retailers, including Amazon, BestBuy, Home Depot, Kohls, Walmart, and more. BuyVia delivers more than 100,000 coupons from businesses all over the world, combines online and in-store coupons, alerts on clearance sales and delivers users special promotions and rewards from their favorite stores.

7. ShopKick

If you love shopping, why not get rewarded for it? ShopKick knows to treat its users by granting them redeemable points, or Kicks, when shopping online or in-store. Every time you make an online or in-store purchase from one of the retailers ShopKick partners with you earn Kicks. ShopKick knows to suggest specific items based on your interests and notifies you on special deals at the store you’re visiting. Your collected Kicks can be redeemed for free gift cards from various retailers, including Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and Groupon and other selected stores that partner with ShopKick.

Concluding thoughts…

Strategizing your Black Friday rush looks a lot different with these apps. What more is that you get a sneak peek at what’s in stock and what’s on sale, and even instant alerts on when to purchase. Manic shopping days aside, shopping apps have got you covered all year round with 364 days of trending deals and discounts attainable on a daily basis. It’s just like having your own personal shopping assistant and with one tap, you get access to products that are right for you and save money when you shop. Magic!